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The Ripcord (Gay Night Club)

Address: 715 Fairview , Montrose Houston, TX , 77006 USA
Phone: 713-521-2792
Website: www.theripcord.com/
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leather/levi bar

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Review posted by justntexas: 2008-07-27

Though there really is no true leather bar in Texas, this is the best we got. Still one of the places in Houston you will still find friendly people that aren't prudes. It's one my favs.

Review posted by newhamp: 2008-05-26

It'a an Ok leather bar.

Review posted by kendrick21: 2008-05-24

the air was so stagnant, I couldn't stop coughing, almost died. Couldn't see anything too dark.

Review posted by scotthou35: 2008-03-16

Not enough young leather men

Review posted by provette: 2008-01-02

Highly recommended.

Review posted by foster77006: 2007-12-25

The only gay Leather bar in the Houston Area.

Review posted by gacowboyd: 2007-10-17

Fun place to good

Review posted by beefer: 2007-08-23

ok place

Review posted by musclecars: 2007-08-08

Not much for dark bars. I like to see what I'm getting into

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