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The Denver Eagle (Gay Night Club)

Address: 3600 Blake Street , Denver, CO , 80205 USA
Phone: 303-291-0250
Website: www.DenverEagle.com
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Brand new Levi/Leather bar Opening 1st week(s) of May '06

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Review posted by cub1970: 2008-09-25


Review posted by sparkydc: 2008-07-10

Could use a more centralized location & more business. Drinks are comparatively expensive.

Review posted by cowboy80211: 2008-06-08

Love it. Great build-out!

Review posted by diverwolf: 2008-01-24

The staff is great, and the atmosphere is different. While it is not what I am used to seeing in the "Eagle" name, it can be a great place to hang out. Jim and Jimbo have done a great job and stand to make this bar a legacy.

Review posted by endyxy: 2007-12-27

Bad Attitude!

Review posted by cocowboy: 2007-12-18

Great place to meet hot men

Review posted by hairygoateeguy: 2007-10-17

its a big space so it never seems crowded

Review posted by bearddenver: 2007-07-23

Still seems to be trying to find its way. . .

Review posted by pair4friends: 2007-07-17

Nice clean place. lots of room and a nice patio. A dance floor would make this place complete and deserving of 5 stars!

Number of users that attend: 278.

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