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The Cuff (Gay Night Club)

Address: 1533 13th Ave , Seattle Tacoma, WA , 98122 USA
Phone: 206-323-1525
Website: www.cuffcomplex.com
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Review posted by 1snottyboy: 2008-06-29

not much of a leather bar!

Review posted by nwentrepreneur: 2008-05-20

The Cuff is virtually an institution on Capitol Hill, but the fact that it is not gay owned and they contribute little to nothing to the community keeps a lot of people away from their doors that would otherwise make it far better to enjoy. The crowd tends to be locals, usually 40+ and a few twinks for good measure and the primary agenda is booze and a trick. A little seedy, a little fun, but not a 5 rating.

Review posted by redbearseattle: 2008-01-04

Great country night on Fridays

Review posted by jblack: 2007-11-10

No Thanks

Review posted by chassler: 2007-09-20

The place still gets busy but the crowd is disappointing. 2 xtremes side by side tweenks (with fag hags) and really ugly, tired trolls - calling themselves bears.

Review posted by rgtlover: 2007-09-20

The Cuff is one of the most active clubs in the Gay Community in Seattle. Anything you want, you can find there, whether it be a hot man, a good drink, decent food or a spin around the dance floor. They do a lot of fundraisers for the community and they are always there to lend a helping hand when needed. The staff and owners are very friendly and go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and at home.

Review posted by bucklebuddy: 2007-08-31

for the most part it's a good place when they have a fetish night. the not so good is that they don't have or enforce any dress code on those nights. I keep wondering if/when they are going to get an entrance just for the dance crowd to limit the amount of gawking that goes on at fetish events.

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