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Montrose Mining Company (Gay Night Club)

Address: 805 Pacific Street , Montrose Houston, TX , 77006 USA
Phone: 713-529-7488
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Denim and Leather abound.... Cramped inside but that's not a bad thing.. more air outside. Large patio/bar area that has with huge overlook in back for people watching.

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Review posted by rodimus: 2008-06-30

The Montrose Mining Company is a nice enough establishment. I prefer it to it's across the street neighbor, JRs. Unfortunately, the interior suffers from an almost form of claustrophobia. It is usually jam packed, and difficult to walk through. Fortunately, there is a back patio with a bar! It offers a nicer atmosphere, in my opinion. The "observation deck" is great in that it allows visitors to see the folks walking around out on the street from an elevated point of view.

Review posted by rlbcandw: 2008-04-26

Good mix of people

Review posted by texasgeorge53: 2008-01-05

this is a good bar for pickups not for every body.

Review posted by provette: 2008-01-03

So so....too small

Review posted by countrysquire: 2007-10-23

All I can say , is that this place reminds me of a clogged and backed up, toilet.

Review posted by saddleupguy: 2007-07-23

Too cramped and too dark.

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