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Faultline (Gay Night Club)

Address: 4216 Melrose Avenue , Silverlake/Hollywood Los Angeles, CA , 90029 USA
Phone: (323) 660-0889
Website: www.faultlinebar.com/
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Leather/Levi Bar in Los Angeles. The FAULTLINE opened in January 1994, two weeks after the Northridge Earthquake flattened freeways all around Los Angeles. Formerly the site of the Stud (1976-1987) and Griff's (1988 -1994), the Faultline is the world's most rockin' leather / levi bar. The Faultline caters to an eclectic, assertive adult patronage. If you're into leather, levis, bears, bodybuilders, body piercing, bikers, cigars, tattoos, and, above all Rock`n Roll, you're encouraged to walk the walk, talk the talk, and strut your stuff at the Faultline! A varied, progressive, Rock`n Raunch musical soundtrack is provided for your evening's pursuits. Cruise to a hot mix of the latest rock`n roll and butch-beat electronica. And, get your nut up watching clips from the latest and hottest man-on-man video action. If you're interested in cool tunes and want to check out some hot studs -all at the greatest patio bar in CA- the Faultline is ready for you!

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Review posted by kgclassic: 2008-08-11

great place with down to earth guys - most smokin' hot!

Review posted by rocky4170: 2008-02-17

Visited on Furr Trade night. Few if any chasers. Many bears. Go with a friend if you want someone to talk with.

Review posted by luvtooride: 2007-12-17

Great time always and very supportive to the Cowboy Community DJ Smith

Review posted by pinoymix: 2007-07-25

its aiight

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