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Eagle (Gay Night Club)

Address: 554 W. 28th St , Chelsea New York City, NY , 10001 USA
Website: www.eaglenyc.com
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Best leather bar in New York. 2 levels with a roof top deck. Sundays are the most relaxed and Saturday late night are the most intense.

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Review posted by mrgnyc26: 2008-11-15

Shady and smelly - if thats your thing then go to it.

Review posted by wannabcntrygy: 2008-11-07

Def. a great time !!! Mostly hangin out on the roof deck ~ Great masculine crowd and very cool staff !!!If your lookin for a cowboy setting the old Botts and Saddles "Bras & Girdles" is under new management and now for the first time has a actual cowboy theme goin on!! I'll miss havin Eddie around to fill my glass

Review posted by franz8: 2008-10-30

As far as NYC bars goes these days nothing is really great, esp. when compared to happening places like Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, etc., for example, but in NYC the Eagle is def one of the best places to go. However, it's not really a leather bar anymore. It's probably the closest to it in NYC, and if you're into leather you would go there, but, again, not a leather bar the way it used to be back in the day -- or the way you'd find in Europe. It's a casual crowd into jeans, no shirts, etc. If you show up with the real gear people will love u there, but maybe 1 in 20 or less shows up that way. Don't let this stop you from going. You will have a good time.

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