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Black Eagle / Aigle Noir (Gay Night Club)

Address: 1315 Rue Ste-Catherine Est , Montreal, Quebec, QC H2L 2H5 Canada
Phone: (514) 529-0040
Website: www.aiglenoir.com/
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Multiple Levels, Levi Leather Latex

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Review posted by huyana: 2008-07-19

It's just a regular leather bar, the way one might expect it to be. Contrary to some other comment here, the place is clean and caters to a friendly low-key crowd. Obviously not the place for your typical high-strung queen. :)

Review posted by oneangelo: 2008-07-12

IF U R in for badly maintained dirty, stinky rat hole, black eagle is the place. I hate thinking having that kind of place beeing associated with gay males...

Review posted by wildcanadian: 2008-07-08

Great!! Super!!

Review posted by hot4musclebears: 2007-11-14

a regulars guys place who are into leather... crowd is friendly but the bar scene is quicky done with in this small city of Montreal... I don't go anymore. The bar scene? I am done with that for a while already.

Review posted by rane38: 2007-10-14

The space is great, very intimate. It's a lot of regulars kind of bar, especially between 5 to 8PM. Different theme every night, very friendly staff. Weekends busier, but lacking something different to get new people coming, might be in the works...Dark areas!!

Review posted by ammoman: 2007-08-12

Bar L'Aigle Noir

Number of users that attend: 330.

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